Blessed Are They Who See Beautiful Things In Humble Places Where Other People See Nothing - Camille Pissarro.

Lovely Guest, To Benin Bronze Alive.Com

Benin Bronze Alive showcases quite elegant array of Benin Bronze art pieces to lovers of art and even to persons with passing interest. This site attempts to present certain expressions and representations of some aspects of African Bronze Arts which have somewhat come alive in Benin Bronze Artistry. This budding site seeks to meet this end through the artworks of our team of bronze artisans as they use this platform to showcase the unique aesthetics of these cast bronzes to the outside world.

Since what is today, is a product of what was yesterday, this site showcases both new and, old Benin bronze arts which often, are the bronze pieces of choice to quite a number of art enthusiasts and collectors. This site nonetheless takes into account, and also features a bit of Ife Bronze pieces which have been arguably regarded by some as precursors to the Benin Bronze art pieces. It also highlights depicting scenes of Craftsmen, who delicately and meticulously fashion plain metal objects into delightful art pieces.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to this site and return as possibly as you can, as we strive to ensure regular updates on our bronze sculpture collections (in their new, and even in their old forms, a semblance of their antique forms) and other related arts, blog articles, etc.